The Talks

Our central theme this year is Overcoming Great Challenges. The Talks will be split into two main sessions. Shaping the Future of Mobility (11:00 – 13:00) is dedicated to inspiring talks in the fields of Automated Driving and Connectivity. The second session, Leading the Future (14:00 – 16:00) is dedicated to talks about Outstanding Experiences & Leadership.


We will hear exceptional stories about great technological innovation, outstanding motivation and strength in leadership from the speakers, when they share their stories about how they managed to overcome some great challenges. We know that these inspiring stories and insights will shape the future and impact us. And this is already really great! However, we decided that we could do even more this year. We decided to donate Bosch Future Mobility Talks’ participation fees entirely to Yuppi Camp Motion Organization, a local organization which supports children and adolescents suffering from chronic disease by offering them free therapeutic recreation camps. Thus, we hope to contribute to creating more amazing stories of overcoming even greater challenges such as diabetes and cancer.